This time of year when the weather is hot and humid I find myself reaching for the easiest of makeup steps and tinted moisturisers in general tick so many boxes. Not only do you get a nice light coverage but you usually find most good ones also benefit from a high SPF too! The Nars Tinted Moistuizer is such a great all rounder with an SPF of 30, a buildable light coverage, its oil free yet still adds luminosity and feels hydrating. I literally use this with no moisturiser underneath and it just glides on like a dream! The shade range in these is pretty good too! Also it’s great value for money as rather than the usual 30ml of product we seem to be left with nowadays the Nars one is 50mL! 

Have you tired this product?


One sure fire way of adding life back to dull, tired skin is adding a bright pop of pink blush! Now i’m not talking 80’s style heavy blush but a gentle flush of a pink toned blush can really give life back to the skin, even if its over the top of bronzer it just gives the skin a nice flush of health. 

There’s a pink blush to suit everyone and even when a colour looks intense in the pan, don’t forget you can build up colour slowly so you just get a wash, or a very diluted version of that colour. A great tip if you feel like you’ve gone too far with your blush is just to take a clean cotton pad and gently wipe it over the edges or where you want to dilute it to remove some of the blush evenly. Alternatively you can also use what’s left on your foundation or powder blush just to soften any harsh edges so the colour looks more like its coming from within.

If you have a darker skin tone don’t be afraid to go for a really strong more magenta or plum pink as these look stunning on darker skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone then opt for a more pale or soft pink.

Above are some of my top pics:

Bourjois Blush 34 Rose D’Or - a nice soft pink with a subtle peach/gold shimmer running through it. This is nice on light to medium skin tones.

Sleek Blush Flamingo - a hot, matte pink. This would be great on medium to darker skin tones.

Gosh Multicolour Blush in 50 Pink Pie - With a mix of pink tones this is great to mix depending on how your skin tone changes throughout the year, so you come back from holiday and have more of a tan just swirl in some of the more intense pink and the plum pink shade.

Nars Blush in Gaiety - This works really nicely on many skin tones, again its more matte in texture but lovely and silky to apply.

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Dollymix also looks great on medium to darker skins or if you want a more statement look on plater skins this does dilute down really beautifully when used lightly. This has a sheer shimmer in it so it naturally highlights the face too.

This is not a sponsored video, I bought these products with my own money as I wanted to try these products and review them, so all opinions are my own.
As its a review all products are by Burberry and can be found on the Burberry website HERE.
Velvet Foundation Trench No.206
Sheer Concealer in Rosy Beige No.03
Light Glow in Russet Blush No.01
Sheer Eye Shadow in Almond No.06
Sheer Eye Shadow in Taupe Brown No.07
Eye Definer Midnight Ash No.03
Lip Definer Nude Beige No.01
Lip Mist Field Rose No.213
Lip Glow Nutmeg No.10


One thing is for sure, being a makeup artist carrying a heavy suitcase around means I am constantly finding new scrapes and bruises on my legs from lugging that heavy thing up and down stairs! If you too are looking to cover anything from pigmentation to scars to bruises look no further! Vichy DermaBlend have launched a body makeup version as an extension of the DermaBlend range. I have always loved the DermaBlend  range especially their regular foundations and concealers and their ability to cover anything and really last! This body makeup comes in three shades Light, Medium and Dark and at 100ml it’s sure to last you a long time too! The coverage is very good but it still can be blended to look natural. In addition to MAC Face and Body this is fast becoming one of my favourite body coverups for shoots especially when I’m faced with covering bruises and scrapes and need something with a high coverage that will last the entire shoot.

Have you tried the Vichy DermaBlend line?


The Skin Luminizer Foundation is one of the latest foundations from Max Factor which promises to deliver a glowing complexion that’s lightweight, hydrating and brightening. So does it deliver?????

I was sent three shades so I ended up mixing 50 and 80 to get the right shade for me and overall I was quite impressed with this offering from Max Factor. Just one pump was enough to do my whole face and I found this applied best when used with a foundation brush like the Zoeva 102 Face Brush as it helped work the product into the skin. A flat top kabuki brush would also work well I think with this formula, as I would say its in-between a liquid and cream. The glow is perfect for day to evening and it’s nice and subtle so no trace of shimmer or glitter! It just leaves a nice soft vale of coverage that is just the right side of glowing!

Lets talk about Health…and how it affects our Skin

Now not to sound like a bore but looking after your health will not only provide numerous benefits to how you feel but also from a beauty point of view looking after the inside will really show on the outside.  A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be about deprivation, starvation or rigorous training but about finding a balance that’s right for you. I’m no doctor, or professional when it comes to health advice, but I can share what a difference good health has on things like your skin, hair, nails for instance. Here are a few things I look to incorporate into my lifestyle.
GREAT SLEEP - Never underestimate a good night’s sleep. Sleep is when our skin can rest and repair and the right amount is different for us all, so try to focus on quality sleep over than quantity, I know for me 12 hours sleep makes me feel equally as groggy as if I have only 3 hours sleep! Good sleep will give you wide awake eyes and skin that looks rested.
MOVE YOUR BODY - Now notice I haven’t used the word exercise as I think this word scares people. Moving your body may well be going to the gym for some of us or going for a run but it could also be ballet lessons, walking your dog or going rock climbing! There are numerous ways to move your body and getting your heart pumping a little to a lot helps boost circulation and increases serotonin (The chemical in our brain that makes us feel good) so my advice……find something you enjoy, or try a different thing each time so you mix it up. Also doing it with a friend is great or joining a club is a great way to meet new people.
FEED YOUR BODY - Well duh, that’s what we have to do to stay alive Harry!? Well yes, but what we put into our bodies not only effects how we feel but it also can contribute to how our skin, hair and nails appear for example. Try to listen to what your body is asking for. Food is fuel and I believe there is room for all foods in a balanced diet but including things like more water, more green leafy veg, seeds, nuts and healthy fats like avocados can definitely help improve the elasticity of skin, making it naturally more nourished and smoother looking. 
FIND HEALTHY WAYS TO MANAGE STRESS - Believe it or not, two of the most common flare ups of skin conditions and spot prone skin are lack of sleep and stress! Not to mention how ill stress can make you feel both physically and mentally. Again we are all different so what works for one may be different for another. Think about what helps you feel calm that you know helps you in some way? It could be sitting in your garden, or gardening itself, it might be reading a book, a blog, or listening quietly to your breath. Yoga and meditation can be very helpful and it might only mean you have time for 10 minutes but you might be surprised how much it helps.
Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section as I love to read what helps other people too!


Foxes has teamed up with Adidas for the new launch Energy Boost Footwear. For the shoot day we wanted to focus on being active and the lovely fresh glow that it gives your skin and so the makeup reflects that. I kept the base nice and light and just played up the eyelashes. I was lucky enough to try these trainers on and I can confirm they are like walking on air, super comfy and great for wearing on long shoot days before heading out for an evening run! 


Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder not only smells divine, but it also has a very light silky texture. A texture unlikely seen in many drugstore powders. The colour is good too, not too pink, not too yellow. It gets rid of shine well and it doesn’t change the look of your foundation so this has definitely impressed me.

L’Oreal The Concealer True Match I bought this in the shade 4 Beige and whilst I have a little bit of a tan this is perfect for brightening under the eyes. It’s a fluid formula that is in no way thick or cakey but still offers the coverage if you build it, and because its a nice thin consistency you can layer it without it looking heavy under the eyes.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade Grand Cru. Ok so nothing new here as i’ve already made my love for these liquid lipsticks very clear! Intense pigment, that is beautifully matte, and long lasting without feeling dry. If i’m honest I think I already had about 6 of these but I picked up this deep wine colour the other day and dare I say, started to get excited about autumn makeup! Only problem is I now need to go and repurchase all the shades for my kit too as I don’t want to share mine!

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner So i’ve heard through the grapevine that this is a dupe for the Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner which I haven’t yet tried so can’t give my verdict as a comparison but I have been loving this Maybelline gel liner. First it’s in a pen so no brush needed, it’s a gel not liquid so it had great staying power and it is properly black! The only draw back is I still think you need a tissue to wipe off the excess gel when you first twist it but I can live with that for saying I don’t have to wash a brush every time I use it. I like it because you get the same look as if you were using a gel liner from a pot i.e. a nice intense matte black finish.