I will forever be on the hunt for the perfect concealer and when it comes to the higher end of the market its easy to find many great concealer options. I felt this post was long overdue though, considering the drugstore concealers are definitely improving in colour, consistency and wearability there are still many I haven’t got round to trying yet so thought i’d review a few that seem to get a lot of hype.

L’Oreal True Match Concealer - I was using this in the summer when i had a bit more of a tan and the yellow undertones in the shade I was using (4 Beige) worked really well on my skin tone. The consistency blended really well and the coverage was quite good. I felt because it was quite creamy however it did need powdering to prevent creasing.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - I think this is great for younger skin. If I have had a good night’s sleep this is quite good and at brightening but for severe bags I would say it’s not quite got enough coverage.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - I had heard through the beauty grape vine that this has been deemed a good dupe for the Nars Creamy radiant concealer. I would disagree with this, it is not a bad concealer but the lightest shade is not pale enough. The consistency is good but struggles to cover very dark circles and again you would need a light powdering to prevent creasing.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer - Compared to the Fit Me Concealer (above) I did prefer this. One of my lovely subscribers did point out to me that you can remove the sponge tip on top so it’s a bit cleaner and more hygienic to use. The consistency is good, it offers pretty good coverage but my issue with this was the staying power…you would need to top it up throughout the day. Also the colour range in this is not great!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - There’s so much I do like about this concealer, firstly it’s the cheapest of all 5! Second it has a little bit more coverage and I would say you can even cover breakouts with this as well as covering under eye circles. There’s only 4 colours to choose from (always a downside with drugstore concealers) and I found this to be the longer lasting formula. It’s very good, but is it great? Well I think it’s safe to say for the price it performs well but I think once the tube has been opened a few weeks it did start to thicken a little and some find this a bit cakey under the eyes, so I would say use a little and build in thin layers for the best application.

To sum up I am 100% behind drugstore foundations, but I still think the drugstore concealer has more to prove. In this post I found some very good options but my search continues for the PERFECT drugstore concealer.

Let me know if you guys know any great budget concealers I should try?


For many people the idea of wearing colour on the eyes seems way to extreme, but there’s lots of ways to incorporate colour into your eye makeup without going all the way to the brow!

For a hint of colour try a coloured eye liner whether pencil, gel or liquid you can choose your intensity and smudge for a softer line. Even a coloured mascara can be a subtle way of adding colour to the tips of your top lashes.

For Autumn I love deep greens, navy’s and purples. Anything with a rich tone looks beautiful and really enhances the natural eye colour. If you prefer more subtle colours opt for a cranberry, burgundy or gold.


The Shu Uemura EyeLash Applicator makes applying your false lashes a doddle! For anyone in severe need of a false lash sos when it comes to application this tool makes it quick and efficient. It’s much less messy (as long as you leave the lash to go tacky first) and especially great for those who struggle with a steady hand. You can even use the blunt end of the tool to apply your glue to the lashes to make a nice even strip of glue.

The Tool is shaped like a rounded tweezer that fits around the lash curve so that the false lash applies to your lash line following the same shape. It’s a great investment if you are a regular lash wearer and should last you forever if you look after it. 

Have you tried this tool?


It’s no secret.. my love for NUXE Skincare has been going strong for as long as i’ve been a makeup artist. I’ve loved using the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse for Normal to Combination Skin in my pro kit for a long time now and it always goes down well with models and celebrities because its very hydrating without being overly rich. It’s one of those products that does what it says on the tin so to speak. I recently also tried the Creme Prodigieuse for Dry Skin and the Creme Fraiche for Dry to Very Dry Skin and was equally pleased with both of these too! So to sum up this is a great brand for moisturisers and I would say this is affordable skincare (not cheap) but a good mid price point that offers something for most skin types.


I’ve recently been trying some skincare by Sanctuary Spa and two products in particular have become firm favourites. The Pore refining Toner is in a very well designed spray bottle as its plastic and the toner itself is very refreshing. It’s very gentle and particularly good for oily and congested skin. 

The other product that i’ve been really enjoying lately is the Wonder Oil Serum. This is a serum and oil in one which you shake to activate. It’s a blend of oils including moringa, jojoba and pomegranate making it instantly softening and hydrating and an active anti ageing blend to firm and rejuvenate the skin. The 2 in 1 formula had me sceptical at first but it really does serve a purpose that you can totally feel when you use it. It feels lighter than a normal oil, so much so that I have even used this in the morning before my makeup (but I used slightly less than I would in the evening). It smells a bit like lemon sherbet which I really like but some might find the scent a bit too sweet. These two products have a lot to offer and also have a great price point so its definitely worth a try, especially if you are looking for good skincare on a budget.


Photography: Rachell Smith

Makeup: Me

Hair: David Barbieri

Styling: Natalie Read

Model: Sadie Pinn


Now I know we all love a great rouge noir this time of year (and that includes me) but I wanted to share with you my other favourites for this season…….

(left to right)

Deborah Lippmann Rolling In The Deep is a nice dark midnight blue with a very very subtle shimmer that makes a really nice alternative to black.

WIP HALO available at Urban Outfitters is a gorgeous cool toned icy mauve with a pearlescent finish that is a great AW shade for those who prefer a lighter colour on their nails.

Ciate Twilight has a very expensive looking gold granite sparkle running through it and as a whole the overall colour is dark gold black.

Revlon Plum Night is my favourite for a rouge noir alternative as you get the same opaque effect but with a very dark creme purple hue that looks very dark and mysterious, yet has the same timeless glamour you get from a rouge noir polish.

Essie Truth or Flare is a nice AW neutral. It surprisingly goes with everything (in the same way that denim does) its a grey blue tone thats cool toned and very chic looking.

What’s your favourite AW Nail polish?


This look was taken from a beauty shoot I did recently for, ‘a new online beauty site celebrating all forms of beauty from the MINimum to the MAXimum’ Head over to their website for all things beauty, including editorial beauty stories, insider tips and how-tos. 

Click HERE to see the beauty shoot this look was taken from that I created for Minmax beauty called ‘Eyebox’: 
(I changed some of the base products in the this video as it was filmed on a different model from the original story)
-To Gel the Eyebrows I just used a strong hold hair gel and a mascara wand.