So it’s taken me a while to finally get round to trying Eyeko after hearing so many wonderful things about this brand and i’m pleased to say i’m not at all disappointed! I like it when a brand focuses on doing certain key products really well and for Eyeko its all about eyes..surprise surprise! I love that their range of eyeliner pens means their is a thickness and shape of nib to suit everyone, making it easy for everyone to create perfect liner looks! The Eyeko Eye Do Liquid EyeLiner seems to be the one I keep reaching for to use on myself and I love using the Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner  on other people to get the thinnest line possible!

They also make fantastic mascaras, brow products and eyeshadows that have real staying power! Eye Do Mascara is a new favourite in my kit!

Two of their new launches that have already gone down very well with models and clients I work with include the Hydrogel Eye Patches for radiant bright eyes! A cooling eye patch to place under eyes…..a god send for early starts!

The Eyeko Mascara Off Eye makeup Remover Wipes genuinely do what they say on the tin and they feel nice and gentle on the delicate eye area. Formulated without parabens and contain aloe vera and olive oil to soothe and soften! 

I’m looking forward to trying more from Eyeko!


It’s no secret that great makeup is much easier to achieve with high quality tools, and brushes are something I hoard with a passion! I remember starting my brush collection from the age of 14, i’d come down to London as a wee nipper and save all my pocket money up to buy one £10 brush which literally became the highlight of my day. 

This post is somewhat of a teaser for an upcoming Youtube video I have coming up in the next few weeks where i’m going to share in more detail my favourite brushes in my pro kit. There’s many brands I love, all ranging in price point but I don’t ever skimp on quality. When buying a brush look at the quality of the bristles, and if you’re on a budget consider opting for a brush that you can get many uses from so perhaps a brush that you can use for eyeshadow, concealer and eyebrows maybe?

Obviously within my pro kit some of my brushes are very expensive but they are professional tools and they should last me a lifetime, so if you are on a budget, below are a few more affordable brands complete with links that I recommend:

Zoeva, Real Techniques, The Body Shop, Eco Tools, No7, Sigma Beauty


It’s safe to say I generally maintain a more english rose complexion (in other words I can’t be bothered to commit to proper sunbathing and even if i do I don’t seem to hold a tan anyway). Now whilst I do love pale skin, my legs definitely look better with a bit of colour on them, especially if i’m having to expose them during the summer months! Over the years i’ve tried it all, various lotions and potions and spray tans of all kinds and i’ve never been that impressed by any of them!

Then along came the St Tropez Self Tan express Advanced Bronzing Mousse and changed my opinion of fake tanning at home completely! This unlike others is a gorgeous tan colour, doesn’t smell and wins huge points for convenience in that you can be good to go within 1 hour!

Fuss free, and easy to use simply apply leave on for one hour for a natural tan, 2 hours for a classic St Tropez tan and 3 hours for a dark tan then jump in the shower, wash it off and you’re done! It’s that simple! No sleeping in a snow angel position over night or waking up with tanned bed sheets! 

Pre application I used the Tan Enhancing Body polish to exfoliate and create a clean, smooth canvas. Then during the days after the express tan I used Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser (both by St Tropez) to help it fade evenly and prolong the tan. All three products work together like a dream! 

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding these products and I can totally see why…they really deliver on everything they promise! 

Have you tried these products?


  1. Bourjois Magic Nail polish Remover - I don’t know one beauty blogger that doesn’t love this cult beauty classic……nail polish remover in a sponge in a bottle dip your nail in twist remove and no more nail polish! Great for travelling as no cotton pads needed, it lasts ages and really does leave your nails feeling soft.
  2. The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil - This little pen shaped beauty is perfect for commuter borden for caring for your nails on the go. Nice and convenient, not messy and a twist up gel pen you massage in and nourish the nail and surrounding area. I also do this at night before bed and leave it on quite thick to soak in.
  3. A 3in1 nail file,buffer and Shine tool - I got mine from Sephora but I think this one has since been discontinued but everywhere does these. i always prefer having a 3in1 as theres less chance of me losing little tools between different handbags. Use this to shape, shine and buff your nails on the go.
  4. Toe Seporators - Again any brand will do so don’t spend a fortune on these. 
  5. Rituals Nail Varnish Corrector Pen - This is your ultimate back up plan when painting nails on the go. This little pen has a foam tip which is soaked in nail polish remover and it ensures precise corrections so don’t worry if you’re in a rush and your end result is looking a little messy…..with this tool you can perfect your manicure in seconds. It even has 3 spare foam tips in the bottom of the pen to replace when one starts to look too grubby!


Modern technology has bought us many wonderful things but it has meant with the increase of so many great fashion magazines turning digital, the cost to print continues to rise. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my gadgets, in particular my iPad but there’s nothing like seeing a beautiful editorial in print! When I first started as a makeup artist there was something so wonderful and incredibly rewarding about seeing work you had created, ideas you had thought up on the pages of a magazine. The future doesn’t look great for print and what with so many well loved editorials turning to digital only, I think the price of independent fashion mags continues to increase in price because it costs more to make them. With that said I think people are more careful with their money nowadays and if they are going to buy print they want to know they are getting their money’s worth so i’ve listed a few I bought recently that I have been enjoying…..

Above: Fat Magazine, Dansk, Sicky  and Blanc.

Other Magazines I enjoy reading/find inspiring:

Violet, Common & Sense, Used, Volt, Sleek, Vogue Italia, 1883

Please leave your recommendations in the comments below as i’d love to know what editorials you guys enjoy reading and like to buy in print?


Firstly there packaging is AMAZE!!!! This latest favourite is called Medieval and it’s a sheer red that creates an almost 17th century rouge, at least thats what it reminds me of. I think I’d wear this with loads of mascara and add a few drawn on freckles. I actually quite like this on the cheeks too as it makes a really nice sheer rouge that’s glowy and fresh looking just like when you’ve run for the bus. I mention it on the blog because it’s not an obvious choice but I think this looks so pretty as both a lip and a cheek glow so felt it needed a special HMIU mention!


I remember when the Red Carpet Manicure first surfaced and the idea of a manicure that actually lasted did seem exciting to say the least!
Though I remained sceptical until my mum had it done in a salon and I saw the results….only issue was it cost around £40 a pop so imagine how amazed I was when my mum bought me the home kit for christmas.
The kit includes the UV lamp as well as all the gel polishes needed to create your perfect long lasting manicure. So how does it work and what makes it last? Well being a gel formulation means the uv lamp sets each layer and seals it too the nail. Whilst it will take longer painting your nails this way, you will definitely find it lasts a hell of a lot longer than a normal manicure. On hands mine can last easily a full week but toes is where this product really excels itself as on my toes can easily last near to a good couple of weeks. I’ve heard some people say they literally do their toes with Red carpet manicure once a month!? Obviously your nails continue to grow though so after a while you’ll probably want to do a fresh application to prevent there being a big gap near the nail bed.
The formula is also very chip resistant and they have a really good range of colours and finishes to suit everyone.
When you consider a one off gel manicure at a salon can cost around £30-£40 and yet the Red Carpet Manicure Kit costs around £90 just think how much money you can save doing it yourself…..!!!!