red carpet makeup tricks

1. Don’t Forget Your Neck

If there’s one thing that can instantly ruin a beautiful makeup look, its realising it doesn’t match up with the the person’s neck. Not only do you always want to make sure your skincare included your whole neck and chest, but make sure your foundation is the same colour from your neck to your face and no matter how much you want to warm up the skin (or Mayne you want to make it paler) it will look believable. Make sure you have plenty of moisturiser underneath your foundation on the neck so it applies smoothly, and don’t forget to take that onto your ears too if they’re on show.

2. Do Your Eyes First

More times than not, when I’m doing red carpet makeup, I do the eyes first. That way I can leave a face mask on while I do the eyes, or use more concentrated skincare allowing more time for it to absorb while I’m working on the eyes. Also it means I don’t have to worry about the warmth of my hand leaning onto the skin and removing any base. I like to brush the brows up, apply the eye makeup, then do my base, and then I return to eyebrows so I can make sure I remove any foundation that might get into the brows.

red carpet makeup tricks

3. Opt For Individual False Lashes

Don’t get me wrong, I can fully appreciate a sixties Eddie Sedgewick lash, but for red carpet lashes my go to is Individual lashes. There’s so much variety now in texture and in my pro kit bag, I carry a mix of lengths, fullness and texture, mostly be ardell and always knot free. I just find individual lashes much more enhancing to the overall makeup look, rather than fighting the makeup. They look more believable and allow me more flexibility to create a lash line look that suits the individual. I have more tips in my VIP section on how to apply individuals which you can see by signing up here.

4. Layer Products To Make Them Last

One trick you’ll find many makeup artists rely on (including myself) is to layer products in order to make them longer lasting. I often start most my eye looks with some kind of cream to powder base that really locks in place on the eye, then I often go in with kohls or creamy pencils into the roots of the lash line to add definition, then I add powder shadows to add perhaps a pearl texture, or shimmer where I want ir, or just add further definition. The same goes for the skin, I like to mix things into my foundation and I’m obsessed with liquid stains on top of foundation too, and then layering thin layers of powder blush to make it super long lasting.

red carpet makeup tricks

5. Use A Clean brush For A Final Blend

Right at the end of doing someones makeup I like to keep aside one clean face brush, and one clean eye brush. The I use the clean brushes to go over any layering I’ve created for one final seamless blend, to ensure everything is working in harmony with each other. I make sure I blend over blush and bronzer, I buff foundation around the jaw line to be one hundred percent sure there will be no visible edges. For eyes I like to take a clean fluffy brush and just sweep it over any eyeshadow blending I’ve done, again just to dilute any Sharpe edges and keep everything soft looking. I like shadows to fade evenly if I’m working with multiple tones, and that final blend can be the best trick to ensure it all looks even and polished.

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