the beauty editor makeup bag

the beauty editor makeup bag

the beauty editor makeup bag

the beauty editor makeup bag

On my recent rip to London, I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Bridget March, online Beauty Editor for Harpers Bazaar UK. We met on a Friday afternoon to catch up over some prosecco and talk all things beauty. We chatted about how the beauty industry continues to evolve, how she become a beauty editor at one of the biggest fashion and beauty magazines online, and she shares the products she’s currently loving, Bridget over to you…


I think I always had a love for makeup, growing up I was a real girly girl, I was obsessed with doing it myself too, borrowing my mums makeup, doing my own hair. I remember making ‘perfume’ in orangina bottles in the garden with smelly leaves etc. I was also obsessed with teen magazines when I was young; Bliss, Sugar, Just 17 and Smash Hits. I’d spend my pocket money on them, devouring them was my favourite hobby!

When I had to do work experience at school, I worked on the makeup counter at Debenhams, and I knew I wanted to do something in the beauty industry, but I didn’t know what those jobs entailed, other than being a makeup artist, but I was never artistic and was useless at art so it wasn’t going to be that, but yes behind the counter in Debenhams wasn’t as glamorous as I had anticipated, so there was that.

I was also very into drama and theatre and so I started a degree in Birmingham which I later dropped out of. I met a guy travelling who lived in London, so I dropped out of my course and decided to move to London too. I had an inkling I wanted to work in media, I had always enjoyed it at school, and then got a job in a media facilities company and decided to go back and do a degree in media focusing on journalism, but we also did a bit of PR too so it was great to see that side of it too.

the beauty editor makeup bag

The first magazine I worked at was Bliss Magazine, and I worked at several magazine brands before getting my current job as online beauty editor at Harpers Bazaar. To get into the industry and work our way up, the route me and all my peers went down was the work experience route. I was lucky in so much that I did that briefly, but recognised a gap in the digital market where no one was queuing up to do digital at the time, so I pretty much went straight into that and began earning a living. If you can see a gap that’s not oversubscribed go for it, Now there’s so much scope to do your own thing, and you never know where its going to lead.

When I started at women titles magazines, beauty was always the little sister to fashion, and the after thought, whereas in the digital world beauty blew up. Beauty speaks to everyone. Fashion can be intimidating at times, whereas beauty seems some what more accessible. No one could have predicted how big the online community would grow, and with the increase in ‘influencers and bloggers’, and beauty brands have money, there’s content to be made along side it. Makeup’s transformative powers can easily be shown online. The transformative power of makeup is both visual and emotionally powerful.

the beauty editor makeup bag


In terms of my own aesthetic I don’t feel like I have a signature look, but others might disagree. I love watching people do makeup and I get the incredible privilege of seeing some incredible artists do makeup at masterclasses or fashion week and I think ooh I’m going to do that, and I’m going to play with that product, but then I don’t necessarily use it, i’m more of a hoarder. I’ve been influenced by the talents I’ve met, and picked up tricks and tips here and there and put them together, I play about a little bit, but I think I love a slightly bohemian vibe. I buy into that golden goddess look, that kind of done but undone look, nothing highly polished yet put together, maybe a wearable glamour with a bohemian twist. I wouldn’t buy into a trend if it didn’t suit me, but there is an element of ‘i’ll try this or that’ and i’m always testing new products as part of my job, but I won’t plan my makeup around what’s on trend. If I like it I add it, if I don’t, I disregard it.

the beauty editor makeup bag

the beauty editor makeup bag


If I only have 5 minuted to get ready, I would always prioritise my skin. I’d rather have my skin great and one item of makeup. Skincare would definitely be a priority and my hair would come last, I’m happy to let that air dry. Makeup wise i’d conceal anything that needs concealer, then lashes and brows.

I feel my most beautiful when I’m happy, confident in myself, when I’m well rested and got my shit together. The shallow answer is when I’ve had a god damn spray tan (one that’s undetectable). That transforms me. My favourite person for tanning is James harknett at the W Hotel London Away Spa, i’d trust him with my life! I cannot tell you the difference in how it makes me feel. Some people look incredible pale, whereas I have golden undertones so I feel like a tan suits me, and with a tan I wear less makeup, and I just feel like I have an instant confidence boost, that lasts a week!

the beauty editor makeup bag

the beauty editor makeup bag

Quick Fire Question Round

Best new/upcoming beauty brand? Isle of Paradise for tan, Lore Originals and Mr Smith for hair. CYO and Decorate for  makeup and Lixir for skincare.

Most repurchased beauty product? Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, Guerlain Maxi lash mascara and Tom Ford matte lipstick in Pussy Cat.

Favourite beauty treatment? Facial massage with skin queens Nichola Joss and Abigail james.

Beauty trend you can get on board with? Real skin, polished and glossy, but real. I don’t think pores are the enemy!

Beauty trend you wish would die? Instagram makeup, stamped on brows and obvious contouring.

Best beauty resources? Caroline Hirons and Nadine Baggott for skincare. The cut and Refinery29 for Zeitgeist-y trends. Business of fashion and WWD for industry news. Podcasts! I listen to Full Coverage, Fat Mascara and The Emma Guns Show weekly. And ES Magazine, specifically Annabell Rivkin’s column for a fun five minute escape on the tube.

Favourite place to shop beauty? Cult Beauty online. In store Liberty and the Tom Ford store in Covent Garden where you can do virtual lipstick try-ons and have your makeup lessons filmed and emailed to you.

Favourite song to get ready to? Destiny’s Child happy face

Beauty products currently in your handbag? The latest thing I’m trying is the Trish Mcavoy correct and brighten pen, it has a second skin like feel (imagine a bio cellulose face mask) but it covers. It’s great under eyes and for spots. I always have the Neal’s Yard lip balm in my bag and the Tom Ford matte lipstick in pussy cat which I’d say is my signature shade.

Summer or winter beauty? Summer

Best makeup look from a fashion week show? One that stands out is the Kenzo AW 2014 show; bare faces with vivid true blue feline flicks of eyeliner. The effect was graphic and bold, and striking in its simplicity.A gorgeous modern twist on the beauty classic that has become very repetitive.

Most memorable career moment working in the beauty industry? Interviewing pat McGrath in Paris is joint with going to Dubai to interview Jessica Alba (a definite beauty icon of mine).