best mua kit bag

The hunt for the ultimate kit set up will forever be my holy grail search, in a bid to make my life easier and more compact. I don’t think I’ve ever received more DM’s about my kit until I started posting about this kit bag recommended by several people in the Facebook group The Artists’ Arsenal. The bag in question is this one from Amazon and while it looks like any other travel mall case, this one is quite a bit larger. It provides two layers of organisation and wait for it…it has wheels!!!! *Insert happy dance here*

best mua kit bag

So is it kit perfection?

Well, after one solid month of use including award season madness, I have some thoughts I’m ready to share. This kit is AMAZING! It is however, not a full replacement for my regular kit bag (my large away suitcase). What this is instead is the most perfect Do & Go bag. I’ve always thought my previous travel malls were just that teeny bit too small too fit enough in for a do and go bag and yet still too heavy to carry despite the smaller size. The top layer contains fabric compartments which you can remove and I love that I can place those on a table in order to access the bottom layer with ease, much like a giant box of chocolates with two layers!

This bag has all the features I didn’t know I needed, allowing me tons of space. It is a lot bigger than I had initially thought, its like the double decker bus of travel malls, so you may even find you have trouble filling it. I can fit all the makeup I need, a towel, a brush holder and there’s still room for more, at least when I’m using it for one person, or the kind of job that I know exactly what the look will be without too many changes.

best mua kit bag

The downsides?

It does have more of those useless dividers in it which in my experience never seem to stay in place, so I chucked them all out and instead replaced them with Muji plastic containers, which I’m happy to report fit perfectly. Now my set up is nice and sturdy. So far the wheels seem pretty good, but I’m interested to see how the zips hold up especially when it is full so I’ll keep you posted on that.

My one other gripe it that when you open up the main compartment, you won’t find your standard brush holder pockets, instead you have two large pockets, way to big to house loose brushes. I’ve chosen to use these to store eyelashes and instead bought this brush holder which now lives in the top section of the bag. Because the top lid section is big enough to fit the brush holder I’ve made peace with it now, but that was the main thing that stopped me from buying this sooner.

best mua kit bag

To conclude

The main benefit has to be the wheels. Because of the wheels it means I can easily hang my Glamcor Light (Use code hmiu15 for 15% off) over the handle as well as my set bag if I need it. It is heavy, but no way near as heavy as my full kit (you can see my full kit here btw). I think for this to work in exactly the way I want it too, my gut feeling is it will be as close to perfection as possible if I can create duplicates of my favourite kit products. Yes that does mean more decanting, but because I already created a separate base wardrobe with all my favourite foundations decanted, it means I could just add the clients foundations and concealers to this each time and that would be the only thing I would have to change up.

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Photos Kayla Varley