The Best Travel Makeup Brushes

When I first started out as a makeup artist, there was one thing that excited me more than makeup, and thats makeup brushes. Every penny I had went on new brushes as I slowly built up my professional kit. To this day, brushes are the one thing I can never have too many of, and when trying to better edit my own makeup bag for travelling with the bare essentials, I knew these Chanel Brushes would be the perfect travel accompaniment.

Chanel has really upped its beauty game recently, With the super talented, beauty visionary Lucia Pica behind the helm of Chanel Beauty. Since the launch of her first collection for Chanel Beauty: The Collection Rouge, Chanel is bringing fashion forward beauty to the consumer in a fresh and exciting way.

I think travel brushes or ‘retractable tools’ can often be problematic to get right and executed to offer the same level of quality as they do in their standard brush lines. But Chanel, on a roll, have hit a home run again.

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Chanel have launched a couple of new retractable brushes, that tick all the boxes: Classic Chanel packaging that feels satisfyingly heavy, chic design, beautiful quality bristles and totally multi functional. The fact that they all have lids too, complete with the double intertwining cc’s of course, means that you’re travel makeup bag need never be a mess again!

The Retractable Kabuki Brush is a beautifully soft bristle hair that is nice and short but still a large round shape so perfect for both applying foundation and buffing it in, I also really like this with cream bronzers and cream blushers. Finding a great foundation brush, with a lid, is pretty difficult, and this is now a permanent fixture in my personal makeup bag.

I actually bought two of the Dual Tip Eyeshadow Brushes! One end that has a flatter shape perfecting for loading pigment, and then a softer rounder shape that makes the perfect blending tool. This brush doubles up beautifully for concealing work too, or for adding precision contour or highlight.

But Chanel didn’t stop at just making one standard shape eyeshadow brush, they even went on to include the Dual Tip Eye Contouring Brush, perfect for creating detail, and I love this for smoking out liner and smudging in kohl into the roots of the lashes. Again beautiful bristles, that never feel scratchy or cheap but buttery soft and of exactly the same standard as the full size brushes in my pro kit.

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Since discovering these beauties, I’ve noticed Chanel has added to the retractable brush line and included a slanted retractable Kabuki Brush, a retractable dual ended concealer brush and a limited edition retractable dual head face brush which I pray they make a permanent addition. you can see all Chanels Brushes here. I will definitely be saving up for the rest of the collection. So so chic and every time I do my own makeup, it now feels that little bit more special.

If you want to know my go to brushes in my Pro kit, I made this video a little while back, where I show you some of my favourites.

Which one is on your Wishlist?