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  • 2019 was the year I discovered audio books and because I travel so much for work it's allowed me to read so much more. Here's a few books that have helped me tremendously and I highly recommend for personal growth/ inspiration :)⁠
1. Essentialism by Greg Mckeown - Ultimately this is about doing less but better and I'm not exaggerating when I say this was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER! Big thanks to @chelseahandler for introducing me to this one. It's about prioritising and really thinking about what you make time for.⁠
2. The 5am Club by Robin Sharma - I had always wanted to be one of those people that got up early and it wasn't until I read this that I actually  understand my motivation and why I hadn't been able to previously. While I don't do it every day, I am consistent with getting up early now in a way I never was able to before and it taught me how to create more time for myself and my self care.⁠
3. You Are A Badass And How To Stop Doubting Yourself by Jen Sincero - Self Doubt has caused me a lot of pain especially in my early career, but this book taught me so much about where my pre conceived stories had come from and how to change those stories. I re read this one regularly as it's relevant to every area of life, whether thats personal, work financial. More than anything this book made me think 'why not me?' and it helped me want to have a go at things anyway irrelevant of the outcome.⁠
I'm always on the hunt for great recommendations, so let me know what you're reading atm?⁠
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  • During, before and after Fancy Face! Beyond obsessed with this nourishing oil cleanser from @gotoskincare especially for removing dramatic makeup looks. Here it removed black kohl, richly pigmented eyeshadow and mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes and it was quick and easy! It smells divine and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Head to my stories to see it in action. #fancyface #gotopaidme #AD
  • 👀 Look at what the pros are saying about 'Level Up' The Online MUA course. Celebrity Makeup artist @adamburrell is just one of many who share their case studies within the course, so if you're looking for industry advice and want to understand the complexities of the makeup industry, this is the course I created for you! ⁠
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  • Throwback to this gorgeous lady @olivia.rodrigo a peachy eye with glitter mixes from @glossierplay and and @narsissist afterglow lip balms in orgasm and torrid mixed.

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  • It's so easy to get hung up on goals, so if this is you, try focusing on systems instead.⁠
Focus on systems that allow you flexibility to work towards your goals without obsessing over the goal itself. ⁠
Whether that's work or personal, I know for me creating systems that keep me focused, happy and healthy are so much better for my sanity than my traditional 'all or nothing' mindset. ⁠
My systems include:⁠
✖︎ Getting up early when I can⁠
✖︎ Moving my body⁠
✖︎ Journalling⁠
✖︎ Cooking ⁠
✖︎ Old fashioned paper planning ⁠
✖︎ Meditation⁠
✖︎ Margaritas with Friends⁠
✖︎ Date Nights⁠
✖︎ Time alone to regroup and access where my head is at⁠
✖︎ 'Monk' Mode (working with all electrical devices out of sight/switched off) ⁠
Take the pressure off, and keep putting one foot in front of the other ☺️⁠
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  • This week I’m prioritizing some serious self care! I commit to focusing on things that make me feel good, nourishing my body with delicious home cooked food, moving my body, and taking my makeup off properly! ⁠
When work is crazy I’m the first to admit I get a bit lazy with my skincare routine so it feels really good to light a candle in the evening and remove my makeup with @gotoskincare Fancy Face Nourishing Oil Cleanser the moment I get home! ⁠
Yep! As soon as I’m home, I change into my comfys and wash my face. Check out my stories to see my self care routine and Fancy Face in action. Who’s with me? #fancyface #gotopaidme