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  • Throwback to this gorgeous lady @olivia.rodrigo a peachy eye with glitter mixes from @glossierplay and and @narsissist afterglow lip balms in orgasm and torrid mixed.

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  • It's so easy to get hung up on goals, so if this is you, try focusing on systems instead.⁠
Focus on systems that allow you flexibility to work towards your goals without obsessing over the goal itself. ⁠
Whether that's work or personal, I know for me creating systems that keep me focused, happy and healthy are so much better for my sanity than my traditional 'all or nothing' mindset. ⁠
My systems include:⁠
✖︎ Getting up early when I can⁠
✖︎ Moving my body⁠
✖︎ Journalling⁠
✖︎ Cooking ⁠
✖︎ Old fashioned paper planning ⁠
✖︎ Meditation⁠
✖︎ Margaritas with Friends⁠
✖︎ Date Nights⁠
✖︎ Time alone to regroup and access where my head is at⁠
✖︎ 'Monk' Mode (working with all electrical devices out of sight/switched off) ⁠
Take the pressure off, and keep putting one foot in front of the other ☺️⁠
#harrymakesitup #mualife #mua #motivation #mindset⁠
  • This week I’m prioritizing some serious self care! I commit to focusing on things that make me feel good, nourishing my body with delicious home cooked food, moving my body, and taking my makeup off properly! ⁠
When work is crazy I’m the first to admit I get a bit lazy with my skincare routine so it feels really good to light a candle in the evening and remove my makeup with @gotoskincare Fancy Face Nourishing Oil Cleanser the moment I get home! ⁠
Yep! As soon as I’m home, I change into my comfys and wash my face. Check out my stories to see my self care routine and Fancy Face in action. Who’s with me? #fancyface #gotopaidme
  • This is the look soooo many of you sent me DM’s about. Up on my Stories NOW! Sharing how I created this eye look for beautiful @opheliabits for the Elton John Oscars Party inspired by seventies Biba Vibes. 
#harrymakesitup #bibamakeup #makeupartist #oscarsmakeup #oscars2020
  • This gorgeous girl @laysladeo for @ellecanada 💫 makeup by me #swartists #harrymakesitup #monochromaticmakeup
  • Chelsea Handler on the red carpet tonight for Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Screen siren vibes and glowing skin thanks to @weleda_usa skincare. Skincare prep is in my stories. #weledapartner #weledaskin