Chanel Le Rouge Collection 1

Chanel’s latest colour collection is titled ‘Le Rouge Collection No 1‘ and as you’ve probably guessed from the name, focuses heavily on the colour red. The Fall Beauty Collection has been created by Chanel’s Creative Colour Director Lucia Pica, who herself admits a fascination with the colour red and its powerful symbolism.

The Collection comprises of new lipstick shades and textures, a gorgeous Aubergine tone Mascara, a new Eye Quad, a blush, Illusion D’Ombre, Eyeliners and Lip Pencils.

The first thing that stands out with this stunning collection, other than it obviously being red, is the focus on matte textures…this makes me a very happy Harry! I’m such a lover of matte, and the focus of matte doesn’t stop at the lipsticks, which are amazing by the way! The matte theme, continues into the eye quad, as well as one of the new shades of illusion D’Ombres which includes a stunning rouge noir shade called ‘Illusion D’Ombre Velvet – Rouge Contraste’.

Chanel Le Rouge Collection 1

The lipsticks come in an array of reds, and Lucia has said that this collection is inspired by the connotations of red, for example red reflects seduction, heat and love, and its a powerful hue. I’m so happy they are matte as I always think a matte red lip is incredibly timeless and a lot less high maintenance than a cream. It also makes me think of a parisian beauty…very effortless.

I think to some Red may seem a strange choice for a makeup focus, but to me it makes complete sense. Yes the red lip is a common staple in many makeup bags, but what a lot of people maybe don’t realise is just how flattering red can also be on the eyes too. To mer, red feels very close to brown and it also adds a little something extra, even if its just blended into the crease, on top of a brown. It creates warm and depth.

The blush is also stunning especially as an autumn hue, a bright red blush can be used very softly to create a very realistic looking flush thats youthful and glowing. The mascara is also a lovely alternative to black, especially for those who like a softer eye for day.

To sum up, I’m sure the lipsticks will fly off the shelves, and they are beautiful but I hope people can also see the possibilities with experimenting with red on the eyes too. The Eye Quad is my favourite piece in the collection especially because is all matte shadows. I love this collection, both as a makeup artist and a consumer.

What do you think to this collection?