how to love what you wear

how to feel great in your clothes

Thanks to the new series of stranger things, the term ‘Bitchin’ is my new favourite descriptive word, especially when it comes to describing how I want to feel. Not pretty, not cute but Bitchin thank you very much. Bitchin to me, is kind of effortless, it’s not to try hard, but still leaves an impression. When it comes to style inspiration, my first port of call is always french women…Lou Dillon, Charlotte Gainsburg and more recently Jeanne Damas. Everything about their look is care free, effortless, yet totally memorable.

Inspired by my recent video (you can also find it at the bottom of this post) I wanted to compliment this fuss free make up look (inspired by Jeanne Damas) with a few outfits that make me feel great. Of course I love nothing more than lounging around in my comfys, but sometimes there’s nothing better than getting dressed up in a killer outfit that makes you feel incredible. So today I thought I’d share these three outfits that I come back to time and time again.

I think theres a tendency to feel like you have to over explain yourself when you’re body doesn’t portray that of a victoria secret’s model, and while I’ve never really posted an outfit post before, I wanted to share the joy these particular pieces of clothing give me, irrelevant of whether they ‘suit me’ or ‘flatter my figure’. The joy of dressing up and putting on makeup are such a huge part of self expression for me, I love that I can convey a feeling by how I choose to represent myself visually via the medium of clothes and makeup. The feeling I choose when I feel like shite, or need a pick me up, I have come to understand will always be ‘Bitchin’.

how to dress like a French woman

how to feel great whatever your size

I’ve always loved tailoring, especially a blazer. For as long as I can remember I’ve collected blazers, in every shape and print. They are the one piece of clothing that always changes my mood. I instantly feel more badass the moment I put on a blazer. This outfit was a complete accident…I bought the trousers from Zara first, knowing I would pair it with a simple black tee, and later purchased this boxy oversized H&M blazer (similar here), which happily for me, ended up being pretty much the same print. If there’s one thing I love more than a blazer, it’s a matching co ord!

I really recommend finding a few key outfits that make you feel incredible when you wear them, irrelevant of how flattering they are or whether they are ‘age appropriate’ or any of that nonsense! You do you, find what makes you feel ‘bitchin’ and embrace it!

how to feel great in your clothes
how to feel great

how to feel great in your clothes

how to feel great no matter what your size

This outfit is a nice take on adding colour, I’m obsessed with strippy tees, and this one from Zara (similar here) has a very 70’s nod to it that I really like. Mustard is probably my favourite colour to wear with denim, and these shoes I’ve had for years now (similar here) and are one accessory guaranteed to make me feel bitchin! I love wearing jeans and a tee with statement block heels, it’s the quickest way to totally change an outfit I’ve had an in the day, ready for going out in the evening.

The other look I always love is a simple shirt with jeans. This look is pretty much a double denim look, which when paired with the red shoes, I really love and feel great in! This cut of this shoe is a favourite I always go back to, it’s much more comfortable than a stiletto, but it still has an elegance to it that feels a little more paired back.

How to feel great in your clothes

How to feel great in your clothes

How to feel great in your clothes
How to feel great in your clothes

How to feel great in your clothes

If I had to offer 5 key pieces of advice on the ‘how to’ part of this post it would be the following….

1. Listen to Baz Lurman’s song ‘SunScreen’.

2. Don’t follow people on social media who make you feel like poop!

3. When you find your self comparing, ask yourself why? Look at where the comparison comes from.

4. Surround yourself with people who love you and support you no matter what. Don’t surround yourself with people that base their worth solely on how they look.

5. Remember this body is purely a vessel to carry you through life, treat it well, look after it and try where possible to remember you have one life, so live it to your fullest, and embrace what’s yours!

Photos By Drew Blackwell