How To Find Your Perfect Scent

How To Find Your Perfect Scent

I’m always amazed how a scent can envoke a memory and it took me until my twenties to really appreciate the power of scent. I’m the first to admit i’m pretty bad at describing scents. I actually started reading up on it as I always find it interesting how different it smells on the skin, and how the same perfume differs on different people.

I often get asked what my go to scents are and while I don’t think i’ve Found my holy grail scent, there’s a few that i’ve been loving for a while now, and thought I’d share with you what’s in my current fragrance collection, as well as a little background on my personal fragrance history…

I still remember my first perfume (Hugo Boss Hugo Girl) I got as a gift from my dad, I think aged 12. He used to travel a lot when we were kids and if it was my birthday while he was away he’d always bring me back a bottle of perfume, I guess that’s one of the many reasons I love world duty free, it often makes me think of him.

Like most teenagers, my budget never really surpassed buying impulse from my local drugstore, but a few of my Dads trips away meant I was lucky enough to receive Tommy Girl and I think one by Paul Smith which felt that little bit more grown up.

At university I discovered Penhaligons and started some what of a collection. I loved the heritage (they are one of the oldest perfumerys still open in London) and the beautiful historical packaging, I could always imagine some aristocratic dame spritzing herself with a similar bottle. Plus, Kate Moss aparently wears their Bluebell Perfume.

Now though, I have a nice little mix, some were gifts, and some were things i’ve found on my travels so they are lovely reminders of wonderful trips with my husband, friends and family.

How To Find Your Perfect Scent

How To Find Your Perfect Scent

How To Find Your Perfect Scent

The first one is one that I always go back to, Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush. Who doesn’t love that one? I’m not normally one for sweet, but this is the right side of sweet without being sickly, and the floral notes in this are really joyful. It’s easy to wear and reminds me of long summer days back in England in my mums garden. To be honest, there’s not really a Jo Malone scent I haven’t liked yet, so I do rotate between a few, and I like to experiment with mixing the scents. On my wedding day I wore the peony and suede Blush mixed with wood sage and sea salt as we got married at the beach near the water and I put some in my hair too.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc is perhaps my most elaborate (at least in price point) but I kid you not, every time I wear this, I get compliments on it, especially from Uber drivers! It smells like holiday in a bottle, there’s a hint of coconut, jasmine and a deepness to it that really lingers on the skin. I’m always impressed how long this one lasts, and of all of Tom Ford’s scents, I think this is his most wearable, as it’s not too much, and not as heavy as some of his other signature scents.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, this was gifted to me at a wonderful YSL Event in Down Town shortly after I moved to LA, and it was the first time I went out with my work wife (AKA Lindsey Kelk), it’s strong with a sweetness, and this also really intensifies in the evening, so its perfect for dancing, and we did LOTS of dancing that night, so it’s a nice reminder of the start of a great friendship. Plus, they engraved my initials on the bottle which was pretty cool!

While it’s not conventionally a perfume, I consider the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse a perfume and wear it as such because the scent really stays put. It’s actually a scented body oil, but I like to nourish my skin at the same time and this smells incredible, very summery and warm, without being too sweet, more like a light floral. I love this to use as a multi purpose product on holidays, I put it on my body to moisturize, I use it in the ends of my hair and it can also double up as a perfume. I really recommend it and when I use it on shoots it gets a lot of love. I feel the same way about Herivore’s Body Glow with Jasmine Oil as this is incredible on the skin for smoothing and healing dryness but also leaving the most beautiful aromatic scent, I love using it after shaving my legs.

My most recent discovery is actually a perfume oil, by Maison Louis Marie No 9 Valée De Farney and this this is probably my only wintery scent. It’s quite masculine which I really like in winter, and it reminds me of a woody cologne. I discovered this brand on one of my regular visits to Abbot Kinney, shortly after moving to Venice. Quite a few of the shops sell this brand and they also make beautiful candles. This particular perfume oil, lasts a lot longer on me than some regular perfumes do, and while its small, it lasts a long time as you only need a tiny bit, plus the roller ball makes it great for throwing in your handbag and perfect for traveling.

And that’s it at the moment. I would like to try more local LA brands and i’ll report back on any great finds. Let me know your go to scent.