Ang Makes It Up

Florist Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

I want to introduce you all to my fabulous friend Ang. One of the most creative women i’ve head the pleasure of meeting. Ang is one of those incredibly inspiring individuals who can turn her hand to just about anything, whether that’s floristry, leather making, weaving, interior design or project managing the build for her own house (which is out of this world by the way, and fair to say my dream house)! Whenever I feel like I’ve lost my creative mojo, I know a coffee with Ang is in order. What inspires me most about Ang is her undeniable love for creating things, and turning an idea into a reality. I caught up with Ang to chat more about her evolution within the creative world and a shared love of MAC satin Taupe! Over to you Ang….

Flowers are my first love, because I did that from 14 years old, as far as creativity goes, and then I think other things have just come along after it, I feel like one thing has led to another. I used to enjoy sewing and clothing, and then I started making small purses and bags which is how I got into the leather work, and from there I came to weaving.

I think I’m always looking for different things to do with my hands, I’ve always knitted and crocheted, and made things. I started thinking about weaving leather and then weaving as a whole.

At 24 I was sent to New York to manage the NY store for Jane Packer, after managing the Manchester store for about 5 years, and I was in New York for another four years. It was such an amazing opportunity, especially getting to do floristry for the Ritz, seeing the actors and the people that came through the doors, and creating flowers for my icons.

I lived in New York before moving to Los Angeles, and I do find New York has a more chiselled, put together look, whereas LA the vibe is a lot more relaxed, especially when you think of the sun, the ocean etc. The best thing about living in LA is the weather.

Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up
Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

I started wearing makeup at a really early age, probably 13/14, and it makes me feel ready, it gives me a boldness that I don’t have, and oddly I definitely lose it when I’m not wearing it. I am fast though, I can put my whole face on in 5 minutes.  Eyeliner and mascara are essentials. For evening I add more eyeshadow and maybe a little sparkle.

It’s hard to put my own point on what my aesthetic is, but I think it’s quite natural, quite textural, I’m not a colour person, I like quite natural, earthy tones, and that definitely follows through to my home decor style, my work and to what I wear on my face.

I always repurchase MAC Teddy Eyeliner, and Satin Taupe Eyeshadow, other items I change up but those two I have to have. I also really like Aveda Bath Salts, and if I have more time in an evening, I do enjoy a good soak using those.

Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

Ang Makes It Up

When it comes to beauty, you have to be true to yourself, you can feel like you need to do something different, but actually if it makes you feel good, it works.


New York or LA? New York

Favourite Flower? At the moment its Gardinear

Do you like florals in your scent? No I’m the opposite, I prefer musk bases, oak & sandalwood.

Favourite perfume? Portrait Of A Lady by Fredrick Malle

Lips or Eyes? Eyes

Best Beauty Tip? Mositurise, moisturise, moisturise

Highend or Drugstore? I’d like high end, but I often go drugstore

Favourite song to get ready to? Don’t stop till you get enough Michael Jackson

How do you define beauty? Happiness

Makeup trend you an get on board with? More eyes

Makeup trend you wish would die? Contouring

Most memorable work moment? Trying to install Areatha Franklin’s Christmas tree in the Ritz Carlton

Do you have a favourite piece you’ve made? Our lives went into making our house, so I have to say the home, because it does become who you are, it’s the most intimate yet the most showey thing you own. It’s a really odd mix but it’s the biggest project I’ve ever taken on.

Best piece of advice for creatives who feel like they’ve lost their creative mojo? Don’t worry about it, the more you worry the harder it is to get it back. Look for inspiration in everything you do, it comes from the strangest places. Keep your eyes open.


Photos taken by me on Olympus Pen F.