full coverage podcast

Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. Me and my work wife Lindsey Kelk started our humble podcast in 2017, and the support you guys have given us since then has been mind blowing. I remember when we first talked about it, how it would work, what we would need to record with and what kind of content we wanted to create, and the funny thing is I feel like Full Coverage has evolved in a very organic way. Starting a podcast was new to both of us, and totally out of our comfort zone, talking over a cuppa however isn’t. It’s safe to say Full Coverage is a really fun informal place for both of us, and it makes me so happy when you guys say you feel like you’re having a chat with a friend too.

I find it funny, that while the podcast is the newest addition to my social media outlets, it’s quickly become the one I find easiest to be myself on. I’m sure that has a lot to do with interacting with Lindsey and the friendship we have, and our passion for beauty hopefully comes across without us having to think to much about it. It’s just nice having someone to bounce off, and i’m sure many bloggers/youtubers would agree that the pressure of creating content that you’re proud of on a regular basis can be overwhelming, and even lonely at times.

We knew we wanted to talk about beauty and celebrate it in all it’s forms, and we wanted a place where beauty could be discussed without judgement, a place where women can celebrate each other’s choices, and how they choose to express themselves with makeup. What’s been even more overwhelming is our beloved face book group, such an awesome bunch of beauty lovers who really lift each other up. I’ve seen genuine friendships come to life in that group, and it’s just the loveliest thing to be a part of.

I’m writing the second part of this post after our very first Full Coverage Podcast meet up in central London (see above). It was incredible to meet so many of you and chat beauty. We even had a full coverage cake, as well as prosecco (obvs) thanks to the lovely team at Bobbi Brown UK who very kindly lent us their soho studio. Both myself and Lindsey came away feeling incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of people tuning in to our podcast.

Looking back we’ve enjoyed chatting with some super inspirational beauty insiders including Dr Murad, Charlotte Knight the founder of Ciate, Dr Kay, Jamie Greenberg and of course the wonderful Caroline Hirons! And there’s even more to come this year so if you haven’t yet had a listen, go check us out. You can find us on apple podcast, Stitcher and Soundcloud, and if you do love it, we always appreciate a review!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us this far and here’s to the next year for Full Coverage!