How to get experience in the beauty industry

How to get experience in the beauty industry

Work experience, also known as assisting in the makeup world, or interning is always your best bet, for not only meeting people and gaining valuable experience in the industry you wish to work in, but it’s also a great way to be sure you’re going in the right direction, and actually doing something that makes you happy, which I believe is equally (if not more important) than just earning a living.

Within the beauty industry there are numerous roles available, the ones I can think off the top of my head include:

Beauty Editor, Beauty director, Makeup Artist, Body Painter, Dermatologist, Beautician, Beauty Journalist, Beauty Writer, Beauty Blogger, Cosmotoigist, Beauty PR, the list goes on, but for the purpose of this focus, I’m going to

Who Do You Know – There’s a great quote I read in The Career Girl Code ‘who you know will get you there, what you know will keep you there’. I recommend getting a big piece of paper and make a list of anyone you can think of that has worked or is working in the beauty industry directly, or an associated industry to beauty, ie, fashion, media, photography, writing, or Public Relations.

These are people you want to contact in the immediate sense, and if they come back unable to help, it’s also worth considering if they know anyone they can put you in touch with? Perhaps they know someone in a more specific role closer to what you want to do. You never know. Think outside the box, do your parents know anyone? Does your best friends parents? Does your teacher?

Even if there’s no one you can think to contact, thanks to the internet and social media its now easier than ever to reach out to those in the beauty industry. When you read a magazine you can often find on the inside first few pages it lists the editorial team, who they are and what there position at the magazine is. Linked In can be a great way to connect professionally, but even certain creatives add their email address on their Instagram accounts on the ‘contact’ button in their profile.

How to get experience in the beauty industry

How to get experience in the beauty industry

How to get experience in the beauty industry

Give Examples – You want to make sure you’re able to show you have the skill set for the position you’re wanting to get work experience in, for example if its a very visual beauty role, like a makeup artist, illustrator, beauty photographer, then be sure to show examples of this, or ideas you have on a visual moodpboard. You want to show why your aesthetic is right for them and how you can contribute as part of a team. If it’s photography show you’re love for beauty photography, and read up on well known beauty photographers so you know there work and can make your passion for the subject clear.

If its beauty writing perhaps you can show pieces you’ve written? Whether thats for a blog, a beauty site or just articles you’ve written that you think show your talent. Whatever you do, you want to show passion, determination and a willingness to learn more. Bring examples, show evidence of why you would be perfect for this work experience.

Make A List Of Contacts You Make – in a spread sheet so you can refer back to it, and use it as a reference point as you progress in your career of people you want to keep in touch with and keep them updated with your progress in the industry, as you never know, one of those people could easily end up becoming your future employer.

Show Your Strengths – on building a body of work that shows what you can do, and update it regularly, focus on quality not quantity and ask yourself if that portfolio gets you closer or further away from the work experience you’re looking to gain, and ultimately, a job opportunity.

Get A Variety Of Experience – It’s also worth remembering that everyone works differently, and where possible look to get various experience within different companies in order to learn more and get a more varied experience.

To sum up make sure you do the following: 

1. Network

2. Show evidence of what you can do

3. Show Passion and a willingness to learn

4. Build a portfolio of work showcasing your best work.

5. Ask questions, but also use your initiative.

For those of you looking for more specific advice on working as a makeup artist I made these videos – How To Become A Makeup Artist and 10 Things I’ve Learnt From Being A Makeup Artist that have some additional information and advice in.

Good Luck!

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