To think this is now my 2nd 4th July, is kind of crazy. We’ve been living here just over a year and a half now, and LA really is starting to feel like home. It’s been a very exciting week for many reasons, but namely we’re moving! When we first moved to LA we knew we wanted to be near the beach, and we wanted to be able to walk to places, and so found ourselves renting a cute little apartment four blocks from the beach, in the Venice/Santa Monica area. Yes it was a great location, and we were walking distance from some of our favourite restaurants and bars, but despite coming to America with very little belongings, we’ve managed to accumulate a lot more stuff and quickly realised we were outgrowing said apartment.

So we’re ready for the next step, and somewhere bigger. I’m so looking forward to making my own little office space with room for creative vision boards, and all my youtube stuff set up ready to go. One of the things I struggle with most is filming when I’m in the moment, by that I mean sometimes I get an idea and think, ooh I want to film it right now’ and yet because of time and lack of space I bench the idea for a later date when those two things are available, and then when I come to film it, I don’t have the same enthusiasm.

I prefer not to film if I’m not in the mood because first and foremost I want youtube and creating content generally to stay something I enjoy, and an outlet for creativity on my own terms. Also I never want to make something my heart isn’t in. I accept you can’t always be in the moment when it comes to feeling creative, but I know the obstacles that make it harder to get into that space. This move means il’l be able to make a creative space that makes things easier to create when the moment strikes, and I’m hoping for a better work life balance.

Work/life balance is something that most of us struggle with, especially when you work in a creative industry. To be able to shut the door on work is crucial to this balance, and while I honestly loved our little one bed flat, this became impossible, especially because my husband works from home a lot and when one of us needed to work in the evenings or weekend, it made it harder for the other to switch off. I totally appreciate there’s bigger problems in the world, and this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but I’m so very grateful for this next chapter and the space we will have.

With a new chapter comes a new Pinterest board! Bring on the decorating!!!! Yes, I’ve always had an LA Decor Pinterest board and I finally get to properly utilise it. I can’t wait to get my mood boards out and start planning colour schemes and I think its safe to say you know you’re an adult when you get excited about furniture shopping. I do plan on doing a little bit of up cycling, as that helped massively with saving the pennies when we first moved.

Work has been pretty busy what with keeping up with the podcast, harrymakesitup and not to forget my real job….don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest red carpet work and all the behind the scenes. I hope this 4th of July is a happy one for you, and whether you celebrate it or not, here’s to enjoying a BBQ in the summer heat at some point soon!

Photos Kayla Varley