This has been a long in the making, guys… I’m ridiculously excited to share with you all….Harry Makes It Up Academy. You guys know I’ve really focused my attention recently on helping other MUA’s move the needle in their own careers and navigate the current situation we find ourselves in.

After creating the first (of hopefully many) free live trainings being such a HUGE success, it got me thinking how I could help further. I wanted to really hone in on the idea of creating some kind of hub for makeup artists to come together, and get the information they need to grow their own clients, income and opportunities. @hmiuacademy was born.

It feels like the perfect extension to my courses, and because I want everyone to have free access to real, actionable advice now, I created this new instagram account to help MUA’s keep growing, even when work is quiet.┬áThink of hmiuacademy as your support network and go to hub for everything related to your makeup career and how to grow your business. Whatever area of the industry you are in, everyone is welcome.


No subject is off topic, at hmiuacademy we’re going to talk about everything from your kit set up to the ins and outs of running your business successfully. Need help with advice on assisting? We’ve got you. From tips on social media and content creation, to interviews from some of your favorite industry artists.

Basically whatever you’re struggling with in your mua career, I want hmiuacademy to become your go to place for answers. You guys know my moto is collaboration over competition. There’s room for all of us to succeed and we all need each other to keep growing and learning.

Don’t forget you can access lots of free MUA tools and resources in our VIP library which you can enter below. I’m so excited to share this with you, so if you have other makeup artist friends, help me spread the word and we can keep growing this wonderful community together.