pinterest moodboards

In light of how much our daily lives have changed in the past month or so, I just wanted to give you a few ideas on how you can be keeping yourself busy and creatively inspired during this difficult time. Recently I’ve been thinking of fun things I could be doing to get myself excited for when this is all over and I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest making mood boards/vision boards. Pinterest is incredible because it allows you to categorise images of your choice and make ‘boards’ which are basically albums of pictures dedicated to one idea/mood of your choice. 

I’ve been making mood boards for different test shoot ideas that I’d love to do in the future once this is over and have found that its majorly lifting my morale and re-generating the creativity that fuels me. I recommend having a look through your portfolio if you have one and making a note of certain things that may be missing. Maybe you’re trying to land more skin-care campaigns? Making a mood board of a test shoot to do once this is over inspired by your favorite skin care brand is a fantastic way to showcase what you could do for them and attract the jobs you really want!

I am a big believer that we can manifest our goals through visualization and in uncertain times such as now, it can be really difficult for us to remember where it is we want to go/how far we have actually come. I find making vision boards on Pinterest such as ‘Dream Clients’, ‘Dream Home’ etc to be one of the most effective visualization tools and it really elevates my mood.

I’m going to show you how to use the app to harness your creativity and visualize your dreams!

STEP ONE:  Write whatever it Is you’re looking for in the search bar – e.g. ‘Vogue Editorial’. It then comes up with endless images inspired by your search. Scroll down until you see something you like. If you click on an image you like with a specific vibe/makeup look that you’re looking for, scroll down on that specific image and it will take you to other images just like that one so you can further condense your search

moodboards makeup

STEP TWO: Once you choose an image that you want saved, click on it and press the red ‘save’ button on the top right hand side.

makeup moodboards

STEP THREE: Once you press the save button it will come up with an option to save it to one of your pre-existing boards or you can press the red ‘+’ you can see on this image and create a board for this look.

makeup moodboards

STEP 4: Once you create a few boards they will be displayed like in the image below.

makeup moodboards

Pinterest is such a handy tool for creative teams. It’s great because you can simply send a link to the rest of your team, whether that’s the stylist, the photographer etc and if you make a board private you can also invite your team to join a board and collaborate on ideas together. A lot of photographers I work with use Pinterest to separate and organize shoot ideas, and they often create boards by themes, as it helps them to have something to show visually when they’re working with us as a team. You can follow me @harrymakesitup on Pinterest to see how I use this tool, as I like to create multiple makeup themes to categorize ideas and makeup looks.

I hope you’re all coping well and staying safe at home – It’s such a hard time for so many at the moment and I just want you to know you’re not alone and hopefully this is going to give you something fun to put your energy towards! I also have a post on creating mood boards on Canva which you can find here. If you’re looking for more resources for MUAs, don’t forget to check out our FREE VIP resources. A secret part of the site where you can access cheat sheets, downloads and kit checklists.