So once you’ve thrown out the christmas tree, and put the christmas decorations away for another year it’s time to turn out your makeup collection and have a great big sort out! Just follow these 4 steps to Makeup Collection Feng Shui!

1. First thing’s first, throw anything out that is leaking, smells bad or you know is well past it’s sell by date (mascaras I would definitely get rid of after 3 months).

2. Second think about the makeup you actually wear? What are the makeup essentials you reach for on a daily basis? Put all these to one side in a keep pile!

3. With all the items you have left, decide which ones you might want in say summer or a different season, keep these away somewhere safe but out of sight and then get rid of whatever’s left. Trust me…you’re probably going to buy more makeup this year anyway!!!!

4. Next look at storage options that will keep your daily essentials clean, tidy and organised. I love the Muji Acrylic Storage. Depending on how much makeup you own will depend on what size storage you need, but I find Muji has something for every Makeup Addict! Now you can be like a kid in a candy store and rearrange your makeup knowing you can find everything you need!

Hope this was helpful. Happy New Year!!!!!