jen atkin x kalpak luggage review

I purchased the Jen Atkin x Calpak Trunk a few months ago, and while it hasn’t had the same use it normally would (thanks to the lockdown) I’ve been able to use it the past month or so and definitely have a lot of thoughts on it. I’ve had so many DMs and questions about this bag, so hopefully this post answers those questions. If there’s anything I’ve missed, give me a shout in the comments section!

As a makeup artist the hunt for the perfect kit set up is a never ending journey. A quest for organization, efficiency and longevity. I decided to purchase the Jen Atkin x Calpak Trunk because I was tired of separating my kit into multiple bags. I have a great bag I loved using for Do & Gos which you can read about here, but I wanted something for jobs when I had more than one client and needed more supplies and makeup options with me. I also really wanted something that would fit my Glamcor Light in.

jen atkin luggage review
jen atkin luggage review

Let’s start with the positives… So the price point is way more affordable than buying say a Rimowa Trunk (which this is incredibly similar to) which would set you back over $1000. I purchased this for less than $300 as it had a bank holiday sale on when I purchased but even full price its $385. So that’s a great start. The case looks smart and sleek and is really well thought out for makeup artists and hair stylists, but also has great compartments even if you wanted this for general luggage when traveling.

It comes with TSA approved locks, and 4 silent run wheels so it moves really smoothly. The sections make it really easy to see everything once the case is open, and it also has the separate thinner compartment which fits my glamor light perfectly so it gets extra points for that. It’s also got a hard shell so it offers a lot of protection for your makeup kit.

jen atkin luggage review

Ok so let’s talk about the downsides….first off, it’s heavy, and when you add in your kit, it’s REALLY heavy! The trunk itself weighs 12.5 ibs so keep this in mind when you’re adding in kit. When I have this full to the top it definitely makes lifting it into a car pretty taxing. This isn’t going to be for anyone who has a bad back that’s for sure (that is unless you’re filling it with marshmallow). The fact is, it is a very large trunk and that does mean when it’s full it’s going to be heavy.

One other criticism I have is the fact that you can’t remove the piece that covers the luggage to keep everything secure that clips into the side of the trunk (see above image). This means when you want to get things out or organize your trunk you almost have to roll it up but it keeps rolling back down again (I’m nit picking, but I’m all about details) and this could have been so simple to make that removable or at least add clips to the top where you can pin it up out of the way when the bag is open and you want to get things in and out. It does have some really useful pockets for extra organization, I just wish it was removable.

jen atkin luggage review

To conclude, despite it being heavy, I do love that I can fit everything I need in here and I like how easy it is to see everything at a glance. My kit is heavy no matter what I put it in because I have so much of it, and I think because this trunk is so large, it’s hard not to fill it. Good job I discovered Artist Kit Company palettes I guess!

The one test I haven’t been able to do is travel with it (thanks to covid) so I can’t say how well it does yet when it’s thrown about by the airport, but will keep you posted when I do. I love how easy it is to push along because it has four wheels as opposed to two, and that makes walking with the case really nice and smooth. You can really tell it’s been designed with creatives in mind and I do love the quality. I think for the price point, the good outweighs the bad, and so far I’m very happy I purchased this trunk.

I’ve added in the specs from the site so you can see the measurements etc here:

WEIGHT | 12.5 lbs


MATERIALS |  Polycarbonate | Interior: Polyester

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS | 30.8” x 16” x 14.3”

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS | 29.5” x 16” x 14.3”

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