When it comes to organising my kit I am the geekiest of them all! I love nothing more than getting my Dymo Labeller out and colour co-ordinating with coloured dots to sort each and every product into their own special place (some of you my have stopped reading by now…I know, I know, It’s not a passion everyone shares). If you are still reading I can only assume you share my passion for organisation so I thought this post could be helpful if you feel you are swapped by large bottles on your dressing tables, or you have to go away soon and you need to condense your wash bag/makeup bag down to a more modest size.

Above is an example of some of my products I have already decanted into smaller bottles. For those of you who love Bioderma and like me would rather by the 500ml bottle as it usually works out cheaper, you won’t be looking to carry that bad boy around with you everywhere so filling up a 100ml bottle will make much more sense (and lighter hand luggage)!

My favourite places for great empty travel containers is Muji and Kiko Cosmetics. Whether it’s your shampoo, moisturiser or favourite foundation you will find the perfect size and shape mini containers within these two shops. I love the Kiko bottles as they are quite slim so fit into makeup bags nicely. Muji offers very large range of pots, bottles with and without pumps, squeeze tubes, and every other pot you can imagine.

I use a Dymo Labeller with plastic labels to label my products and the colour coding I mentioned is more for my professional kit, but if you want to go the whole hog by all means go for it!

Have fun labelling and i’d love to know of any other great shops for empty travel containers?