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Hi guys, hope you’re safe and well. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, I think now more than ever is the perfect time to address the ways in which you can be most hygienic when working out of your makeup kit. There has been a real wake up call as to why taking the correct steps are so important, therefore I wanted to write a post for you with a few tips to ensure you’re ready to take all the right precautions on your return to work.

1. Washing your hands is the first thing you should always do before touching anyone’s face. Wash them thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds – try and make sure your client is aware of this for peace of mind, they will be far more relaxed if they see you’ve taken cleanliness seriously from the get go! You can also follow that with a spray of hand sanitizer. 

2. After each job, give your makeup kit a thorough wipe down. I believe it’s really important to make sure your kit is a reflection of yourself so when you get it out you want to ensure that it’s as clean as can be, this all helps to ensure the client that they’re in safe hands.

3. Wash your brushes with soap and water after every job. My favorite is the Beauty Blender BlenderCleanser, but other brands like Sian Richards do brilliant ones too! You can also use fairy liquid, or shampoo and conditioner. When you’re on set then of course a spray brush cleaner is fantastic to use (opt for something with 70% alcohol), however after that job is done, you want to give your brushes a thorough clean and left to dry over night.

4. There are a few effective ways to ensure product stays as germ free as possible. What I like to do is decant my lipsticks or cream products into Vueset palettes. Each time I use any, I scrape a little bit out on to a metal palette with a spatula so that no product is cross contaminated. Alternatively, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is really important to have handy in your kit, if you’ve got lipsticks you don’t want to ruin or any product that you may be using regularly, you can spray the alcohol on the product and give it a wipe down.

5. When on set, sometimes you’re dealing with more than one model and it’s important to separate brushes, you should never use the same brushes on more than one person. I use separate brush pots for each person. This actually makes my life way easier on set too because I don’t need to think too much and I’ve even been known to label the pots when I have more than two models.

best mua kit bag

6. Mascara is something that a lot of people look past when thinking of hygiene but it’s really important to make sure you’re taking the correct precautions. I buy a bunch of mascaras (some of the best mascaras are drugstore) and when I’m working with a client I actually just open a fresh mascara and let them keep it, or if they become a regular client, I label their mascara so it is only used on them and them alone. You also want to be mindful of when you opened it as it’s best to throw away after 3 months of use. However, to a lot of people, that just isn’t feasible so in that case, use disposable spoolies or a fan brush. The most important thing to remember is to never double dip. Dip once for one eye, dispose of it and use another fresh one for the other eye otherwise it defeats the point. If you want to use a fan brush, place some of the mascara onto a clean sanitized metal palette and work from there so you aren’t double dipping.

7. If you drop any application tool on the floor, don’t use it, put it to one side and wash it thoroughly when you get home. If its absolutely crucial to use then spray it down with 70% alcohol and give it a good wipe.

8. When using lip pencils or eye pencils, make sure to sharpen in between each client. This shaves off the layer used previously, giving you a fresh clean slate. Empty your sharpener often and give it a spray with 70% alcohol.

9. Wipe down your eyelash curlers/tweezers/eyelash application tools in between each use with a bit of 70% alcohol for your next client.

10. Wet Ones disinfectant wipes or any disinfecting hand wipes are amazing to have handy in your set bag. You have to make sure your hands are clean at all times when on set and if you’re on location they’re just brilliant to have with you. In addition to a variety of hand sanitizers, I also carry soap sheets which I buy off of amazon. They are super handy if you’re on location and don’t have access to a sink but you need a thorough hand wash. You can activate these with a spray bottle of water/face mist etc.

I feel that it’s so important to write this now because once things start going back to normal, there’s going to be a big awakening in how conscious everyone is of cleanliness and hygiene in our work space. Obviously as makeup artists it has always been a huge priority to ensure the right steps are taken, however now especially, I believe it’s crucial to make sure you’re going that extra mile and reminding yourself of some further steps you can take.