social media for makeup artists

It’s fair to say, life for most of us is very different right now, thanks to Covid 19. It goes without saying I hope you’re all safe and well. I know a lot of us are feeling restless right now, and not sure what we should be focusing on with this new found time on our hands. For me, this time has reminded me how much escape makeup provides and how many people are finding comfort in some lighthearted makeup tutorials, myself included.

In addition to staying home, I’ve found social media a great way I can be of service to others right now by creating content that offers a nice distraction and connects me to others. I don’t know about you, but I’m more aware than ever just how intimate our job really is, and I desperately miss the nearness of people. I miss being creative, and wondered if you guys were also feeling a longing to create with others?

Step forward social media. I think it’s safe to say this post is pretty much a love letter to social media, who would have thought? We all have times when we need a digital detox and moderation is key, but now more than ever I’m so grateful for social media. It’s giving me a purpose right now and that’s everything! I know social media can seem really daunting but if you’re craving connection and an outlet to be creative, what have you got to lose?

Look we all put off doing things for fear we’ll get it wrong, but I think with social media there’s never been a better time to have a go and be vulnerable. With so much uncertainty surrounding financial security for freelancers right now, I want to remind you now is THE time to start a blog, build your instagram following and collaborate.

While you may not generate income immediately, this could be the time you set yourself up to build something for your future that contributes to your financial wealth and security. I get it, people don’t like talking about money, but we can’t ignore the impact this is having on so many of us. In my online makeup course ‘Level Up‘ there’s a whole module dedicated to social media and how it can accelerate your career and provide support both financially and creatively when work is slow, or non existent.

social media for makeup artists
social media for makeup artists

While I hope you are using this time to develop your craft. reading, learning, watching makeup artists you admire, I also think it’s time to get serious about the impact social media can have on your career, both in the short term and long term. You are a brand and a business. WE are the very definition of a small business, and understanding how to make money and monetize your skills in the digital era is one of the greatest skills you can learn.

That’s why I’m hosting a free online training with a Q&A all around this topic on 14th April. Get all the details and sign up here. I believe we all deserve to thrive, no matter what our situation. I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest game changers in my career was when I realized the importance of having multiple income revenues. All of which relate to my love of beauty and above all, are all aspects of my job that bring me so much JOY!

The biggest myth is that social media is this overwhelming, soul destroying monster. YOU get to decide what social media looks like for you, and you can absolutely find ways to make it work for you, dare I say even enjoy it. Don’t want to put your face on camera? Why not film from above so just your hands are in shot? You could be the go to person for swatches, reviews and kit tours.

More than half my income now comes from social media and I’m not ashamed to say that. I’ve worked really hard to make authentic content that I’m incredibly passionate about and proud of. The hours that go into making content are equal to those that I spend on set, and there’s nothing wrong with getting paid to make content that you believe in and benefits others. Ask yourself how you feel about social media? What’s stopped you from having a go in the past? Or if you feel like you’re trying but not seeing any change in growth or don’t know how to monetize, do you want to learn how?

I’ve created a free download for you which I’ve added to the VIP Resources: 10 ways you can increase your engagement on social media if you are a makeup artist, to get you started. Don’t forget to sign up to the Free training on April 14th at 11am PST! Mark your calendar and I can’t wait to see you there!

Take care,

Harry x