summer staples

Me and the sun have a troublesome relationship, I love it I really do, but I am, its fair to say, a pretty sweaty person! When it starts to get really hot, there’s a few beauty bits that I go back to time and time again because I can work them into my ‘glass skin’ look, (side note I do enjoy how many ways companies manage to relabel dewy skin into a new marketing term). I do love trying new things but with all the newness out there I thought I’d share some love for some tried and tested beauty bits that never fail me when its so damn hot that you’d rather dunk your head in an ice bucket than wear makeup. However, sometimes we just want to put on some slap and these are still my go tos.

summer staples

Nourished Skin Thats plump and juicy

There’s a moisturiser in my pro kit that I am totally obsessed with at the moment, its Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Even when its hot out I still want nourished skin that feels soft and looks hydrated. The sun dries my skin out but my sweatiness means I don’t need anything that’s too oily. This is the solution. This oil free formula is a primer and moisturiser in one. Its feels incredibly rich but doesn’t leave you looking like an oil slick. This instantly hydrates and softens and feels incredibly luxurious, but it does absorb into the skin. It’s aimed at normal to oily skin but I honestly love it on all skin types, I even use it on sensitive and so far have never had a problem. Great before makeup, but also a lovely treat as a night time moisturiser when you’re skin feels as dry as the desert.

A Non Greasy SPF

I’ve tried and tested my fair share of SPFs and I’ve been fortunate in that my skin doesn’t seem to be too sensitive to them. That said, my holy grail has to be Dermalogica’s Age smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50. This is so easy to slot into my existing skincare routine, it’s hydrating, nourishing and doesn’t interfere with makeup. I’d go as far to say it makes it look better, creating a smooth silky canvas that feels more like a conventional moisturiser, giving you dewy skin but without the oiliness.

summer staples
summer staples

A Bronzy Eye

Did someone say golden goddess? A bronze eye is one of the most universal eye looks out there, it flatters everyone and is so easy to adapt. I remember when By Terry Ombre Blackstar first launched and the hype around them, but these my friends deserve ALL of the hype! For me I like products that stand the test of time, that aren’t merely a flash in the pan. This is an expensive item of makeup (I have the shade bronze moon) but one you can use in so many ways. When I’m really hot I like a cream to powder eye shadow as it just lasts so much better and doesn’t need an eye primer. I love that I don’t need a brush with this so its great or holidays, use as a liner, for contouring the eye or a full blown smokey bronze eye look. You have a bit of play time then they lock into place, I’m talking swimming in the sea..still won’t budge kind of good! My other go to is Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Colour in Naked Bronze, yes my name is Harriet Hadfield and I’m addicted to bronzy eyeshadows! If you’re looking for something more affordable ColourPop Supershock Eyeshadows come in array of beautiful bronze shades.

A Subtle Sweaty ‘Sexy’ Glow

Now if you’re already a sweaty person, especially when its crazy hot outside, sometimes you just have to go with the old ‘if you can’t beat em join em!’ Yes there are occasions when a powder and setting spray (more on that here) will help a girl out, but sometimes I choose to accept that unless I want streaks in my makeup from mopping my sweaty top lip and brow, then its better to avoid excessive powdering and opt for cream based products and dazzle in the sun light! Ha! For me ‘a sweaty sexy glow’ is about embracing my dewy skin and convincing people, I’m not sweaty, I’m merely glowing. This comes to play especially when I’m on a hot holiday. By the beach there is nothing better than a natural sun kissed skin, and a dewy glow to show off my summer skin. I love Glossier Haloscope in Topaz, this is just stunning in the sunlight, I apply it everywhere, eyelids, cheek bones, brow bone, lips! I’d say this is the closest you’ll get to me strobing! It still looks effortless though and in no way ‘blingy’.

summer staples

A good pair of shades

Since moving to Los Angeles my sunglasses collection has certainly grown. I’ve become obsessed with the things. As an accessory I actually need to wear everyday (no complaints here) I need variety, and my favourite high end pieces are from Gucci and Celine (great dupe here) but the high street also offers up some real beauties (these ones I’m wearing are by H&M)! If all else fails, put a fabulous pair of sunnies on! If you’re feeling so inclined a bold lip will always look great with a statement pair of shades, but I love the mystery behind a good pair of sunglasses. The ultimate beauty trick  to hide late nights and days where its just too hot to give a Sh*t!

A Straw bag

I know this is such a blogger cliche, but nothing says summer to me like a little straw bag. I found this one from Melrose Trading Post here in LA, but the highstreet currently has some great offerings including these ones from Mango, Zara and Topshop.

Dress – Old From Topshop | Bag – Market Find | Necklaces – Missoma | Sunglasses – H&M

Photos Kayla Varley