How to streamline your makeup

So with a new year ahead, it’s time to have a spring clean so to speak, and de clutter your makeup. I always like to do this at the beginning of the year, as it’s easy to build up a vast collection, half of which has either gone bad or you forgot you had it anyway. So I thought this post would be a great reminder to myself and to share with you the steps I take in order to streamline my own makeup collection.

Step 1 – The first thing I do is get all my makeup out (make sure you lay a towel down, as you’ll no doubt have the odd piece (or four) that is missing a lid or is leaking and lay out all your products.

Step 2 – Take a deep breath, as you’re probably surprised how much stuff you’ve actually accumulated over the past year (or ten if you’ve never done this before), next you want go through and look for any beauty products that are broken/leaking/looking worse for wear. Ask yourself are they worth keeping? If no toss them, if you really want to keep them, decanter the remaining product into some kind of muji container so you can use them again without the mess.

Step 3 – Now it’s time to assess any products that might be out of date, i’m talking namely foundations, skincare, concealers, (anything liquid) as a general rule, give it a sniff….does it smell funky? Has the texture changed? If yes toss it, also if you pick something up that has a use by date on and it has gone off then toss this also. If you have any mascaras that are older than 4 months I would toss these too, as bacteria builds up in mascara faster than any other product.


Step 4 – Grab some post its and write one that says ‘Keep’ and another that says ‘Giveaway’ and make two piles. You can now go through the remaining products and ask yourself honestly which ones you actually use, and actually make you feel great when you wear them and put these into the ‘Keep’ pile. If in doubt, try the makeup item on again in front of mirror and see if you feel the same about it when you first bought it. Don’t forget, if you’re a beauty addict (like me) the likelihood is you will buy more makeup over the next year anyway. For anything that is still in good condition (with the exception of mascara) pop them in a “giveaway’ pile and offer it up to your favourite people.

Step 5 – For this step you’ll need some tissue, baby wipes and a pencil sharpener. Go through all your existing pencils and give them a sharpen so they are ready to use and clean again. Get your lipsticks and wipe the top layer with a baby wipe to remove any dust that may have settled on the pigment. Open up your eyeshadow palettes and use your tissues to wipe around the edges where shadow may have settled in the palette making it messy to use. You want you’re remaining makeup to feel like new again.

Step 6 – Now it’s time to think about your makeup storage? If you have a small amount a makeup then a makeup bag will obviously be fine, but if you have a large amount, I really recommend Clear Acrylic storage. It just makes it easy to organise and see what you have so you don’t forget about the products you own. I’m a huge fan of Muji and The Container store as both have a great variety. Find a style that works for you and your needs.

Step 7 – This is the fun part, divide your storage into sections, I like to keep the items of makeup I use everyday on the top shelf/drawer so you have easy access. Then I have a section/drawer for pencils, one for palettes, one for lipsticks and then a few for other needs, how you organise it is up to you, but think about the products you will actually use.  Avoid over filling, you want options but stream lining is about using the products that make you feel great and that work for you and your beauty needs.

Step 8 – Now you’ve stream lined your collection, have a look through your new collection….do you have everything you need? Maybe you threw away all your mascaras because they were ancient, maybe you’re now too pale for you’re current foundation? This is where you can think about what, if anything, needs adding? Honesty is key, if you already have 6 eye shadow palettes you probably don’t need another, but if you threw away all your mascaras maybe it’s time to purchase a new one for your collection. You get my point. Also setting a realistic budget is a great idea if you do need to purchase new products, as you will know which brands to opt for that are within your price range.

So now you should have a collection of makeup that you love to use, makes you feel great and is easy to find when you need it. Stream lining your makeup and having a serious de-clutter makes doing your makeup quicker, and in the long run actually can save you money as you start to think what you have room for in your collection, and whether or not a certain product is right for you.

Hope this post was helpful, and let me know how you get on with streamlining you’re own makeup this January.

Happy New Year!