I remember when the Red Carpet Manicure first surfaced and the idea of a manicure that actually lasted did seem exciting to say the least!
Though I remained sceptical until my mum had it done in a salon and I saw the results….only issue was it cost around £40 a pop so imagine how amazed I was when my mum bought me the home kit for christmas.
The kit includes the UV lamp as well as all the gel polishes needed to create your perfect long lasting manicure. So how does it work and what makes it last? Well being a gel formulation means the uv lamp sets each layer and seals it too the nail. Whilst it will take longer painting your nails this way, you will definitely find it lasts a hell of a lot longer than a normal manicure. On hands mine can last easily a full week but toes is where this product really excels itself as on my toes can easily last near to a good couple of weeks. I’ve heard some people say they literally do their toes with Red carpet manicure once a month!? Obviously your nails continue to grow though so after a while you’ll probably want to do a fresh application to prevent there being a big gap near the nail bed.
The formula is also very chip resistant and they have a really good range of colours and finishes to suit everyone.
When you consider a one off gel manicure at a salon can cost around £30-£40 and yet the Red Carpet Manicure Kit costs around £90 just think how much money you can save doing it yourself…..!!!!