Le Teint Encre De Peau is the latest foundation offering from YSL. It’s  a long lasting foundation with a feather light feel. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while as I had heard mixed reviews about it.

So what did I think? I like the concept…a long wearing natural looking foundation that feels invisible and it does feel incredibly light on the skin, it does leave a natural finish but I don’t think this will work for people who are looking for medium to heavy coverage. I would say it’s also going to be a great foundation for those with a more oily skin tone as the finish is fairly matte, so also great for those who don’t like any glow in their foundation.

I liked this foundation on me but as i’m more partial to get excited about a dewy foundation I think this is more likely to be something i’ll really enjoy using in my Pro Kit on anyone with more oily skin or for when I want to create a barely there look.

Have you tried this foundation?