I met Olivia years ago when we were both on a shoot for Urban Outfitters. I’ll never forget being drawn towards her and her obvious love of vivid colour and bold patterns. Her aesthetic is fun and playful and completely unapologetic. She is the best example of someone having fun with makeup, always trying new things, not taking it too seriously. Her makeup skills, while something she openly admits are for her own enjoyment and a way of self expression, have bought the attention of Vogue, ID and she was recently photographed for the Asos beauty campaign. I caught up with Olivia, and came to watch her do her makeup, while asking her all about her style and where she gets her inspiration from…..

Before I got into makeup I was obsessed with colouring and braiding my hair. My favourite colours are pink, red and blue. I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 13, but really took it to the next level around age 19. I’m completely self taught in makeup, and it totally depends on my mood what look I create, although it’s fair to say my favourite era has to be the 90s.

Makeup isn’t limited, same as clothes, if you want to wear, wear it. If I could only do one look for the rest of my life it would definitely be eyes. I have a rough idea before I start, but then I might change as I go along when creating a makeup look.

I’m really lazy, as much as I love makeup, I don’t mind going out with no makeup on, sometimes you just can’t be bothered, and I have to be in the mood to do my makeup. I still have a lot of my makeup in storage as I’ve just moved apartments. I get inspired by everything and anything, it could be a drawing, something I saw on Pinterest or something I’ve seen out and about. Sometimes I do makeup looks just for myself that I don’t share on social media, I like experimenting just for myself sometimes. I’ve been asked to do other peoples makeup before, but I’d find it so stressful, it’s much more fun doing my own, I always wonder how makeup artists do it. The Asos beauty campaign came about out of the blue, I got approached by the casting director while I was on holiday in Greece, so I had to send a video casting and then I had to fly back early to make the shoot.

I’m currently loving Fenty Beauty, Lime Crime Eye Shadows, and Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer is my go to primer. I often mix foundations to get my exact shade, I’m currently mixing the Fenty one with a Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. Mac or Loreal Mascaras are also an everyday essential, with the Benefit Eyebrow powders.

I remember the mousse makeup formulations of the 90’s being something I wish you could still get. My favourite high end product would have to the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Gold Highlighter that looks amazing when I mix it in with my foundation, as well as MAC Soft and Gentle. My favourite drugstore product is Rimmel lip glosses, I’m really into lipgloss and find cheap ones work great.

In terms of the future, I want to be my own boss, working in the realms of styling, I’m building my portfolio at the moment, but who knows where it will take me.


Eyes or lips? Eyes

Drugstore or high end makeup? Highend

Favourite scent? Narciso Rodriguez or Black Orchid by Tom Ford

New York or London? New York because I want to move there,

Go to shop/s for makeup? MAC & Fenty

Three minutes to do your makeup, what do you choose? Primer & Foundation & Vaseline on lips.

Favourite song to get ready to? Anything by Cardi B

Photos By me using Olympus Pen F