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It’s fair to say ‘Minimalism’ has surpassed what could at first be described as a trend spreading into all areas of our lives. It’s become a key focus for many, integral to a calmer, happier life (for some anyway).

When it comes to beauty, I quite like the concept of minimalism, Putting my pro kit aside as that would make this post totally irrelevant. As I’ve got older, its fair to say there are certain products that I find myself reaching for over others time after time, and while variety is the spice of life as they say, I definitely find getting ready a lot less over whelming when I have less to choose from.

I’m sure that January will see endless people purchase Marie Kundos Life Changing Magic of Tidying in a bid to declutter and minimise. However for me, I have to say, I benefitted a hell of a lot more from reading The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**K by Sarah Knight and would highly recommend that as a great read anytime of the year!

I love the take away from both books though, focusing on things that bring you joy and bring more serenity to your life, and I definitley think that can also include your beauty routine.

Lets turn our attention to your makeup bag, no doubt brimming with eyeliner sharpenings, dirty sponges and products you haven’t worn in donkeys years! A declutter is a must! I wrote this post last January with some handy tips on sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly inside your makeup bag.

Get rid of anything that smells bad, has broken packaging or looks like its seen better days.

Think about the products you actually use on a day to day basis, and maybe one or two products you add to elevate your makeup look for evening or special occasions.

beauty minimalism

Here’s a challenge for you, because it’s January, and who doesn’t like a challenge in January, see if you can make a really minimal makeup edit? Ask yourself what you would pick if you could only have 5 products? What would you choose?

I took the challenge myself, and found it a welcome relief after all the party makeup, and dressing up for the festivities. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up, but there’s also something really nice about pairing things back a little. I love the aesthetic of a clean face, and it was also nice to give my poor skin a rest.

For me I managed to get it down to Mascara, concealer, blush and weirdly scent. I found my other senses being heightening because it wasn’t all about how I looked, but also how I felt without the makeup (or my usual makeup look).

For me beauty minimalism came down to my skin feeling like it could breath again. I chose to focus on minimal makeup, enhancing the features I like, and putting more time into my skin care instead, both in the morning and at night.

I’m not saying this will be for everyone, but it’s definitely a fascinating challenge, one that’s really interesting to note how you feel with a more minimal approach, and what feelings come up. You could even find yourself with more time on your hands, and who doesn’t want that? If anything, I recommend doing it to learn more about yourself. If no other good comes of it, at least your skin will thank you for it!

What would your minimal beauty edit consist of?

Photos By Drew Blackwell, Makeup By Me