1. Bourjois Magic Nail polish Remover – I don’t know one beauty blogger that doesn’t love this cult beauty classic……nail polish remover in a sponge in a bottle dip your nail in twist remove and no more nail polish! Great for travelling as no cotton pads needed, it lasts ages and really does leave your nails feeling soft.
  2. The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil – This little pen shaped beauty is perfect for commuter borden for caring for your nails on the go. Nice and convenient, not messy and a twist up gel pen you massage in and nourish the nail and surrounding area. I also do this at night before bed and leave it on quite thick to soak in.
  3. A 3in1 nail file,buffer and Shine tool – I got mine from Sephora but I think this one has since been discontinued but everywhere does these. i always prefer having a 3in1 as theres less chance of me losing little tools between different handbags. Use this to shape, shine and buff your nails on the go.
  4. Toe Seporators – Again any brand will do so don’t spend a fortune on these.
  5. Rituals Nail Varnish Corrector Pen – This is your ultimate back up plan when painting nails on the go. This little pen has a foam tip which is soaked in nail polish remover and it ensures precise corrections so don’t worry if you’re in a rush and your end result is looking a little messy…..with this tool you can perfect your manicure in seconds. It even has 3 spare foam tips in the bottom of the pen to replace when one starts to look too grubby!