I know what you’re thinking, not another social media platform! Well in todays post I want to give you the low down on TikTok so you can decide if it’s something you want to look at incorporating into your social media strategy to grow your makeup biz and get you and your work noticed.


TikTok has over 800 million users and is the newest video social media platform with people of all ages engaging in content, including content creators, celebrities, and more importantly for MUAs….brands. You’ve most likely heard of it thanks to viral dance trends, but TikTok is proving to be a powerful platform for all niches, including beauty.


The main attraction with TikTok is that it’s less about curating a picture perfect grid. What sets TikTok apart is the fact that videos still perform really well even if they’re a little grainy or blurry. The ‘off the cuff’ casual vibe is what people actually love about it. So if you’re looking for something that involves a lot less production, TikTok could be great for you.

The other big pull for people starting out on TikTok is that getting your videos seen can be a lot easier compared to other social media platforms. Exposure is based on the performance of each video rather than how big your following is, so even if you’ve only made one or two videos, it’s not impossible to get hundreds of thousands of views even if your following is small. TikTok focuses on the interaction in a video rather than your profile as a whole. Basically you don’t need to have a huge following to get your posts seen.


The main thing that has contributed to a lot of people’s success on TikTok is taking part in TikTok’s trend culture. Don’t be afraid to get creative though as that also goes in your favor if you’re the one to set a trend or start a challenge. You will notice the ‘discovery page’ is like your home page where TikTok is going to share things that are trending or content it thinks you want to see based on your preferences (and what else you are watching on TikTok). The discovery page is also where you can also find the trending hashtags which give you a great starting place as to what content is performing well with in your niche. Putting a spin on an existing trend is the best way to get noticed. Whether you want to share sped up makeup looks, tutorials or kit videos there are so many ways you can create content perfect for TikTok, and you can really experiment with the edits available inside the app.


While I’m still on the fence with TikTok in my business, I think it could be a great opportunity for people to find you and your talent if you’re just starting to get serious about social media in your makeup business. The biggest benefit is how much easier it can be to get noticed on TikTok. I also think the fact you don’t have to focus on a aesthetically pleasing grid takes the pressure off enormously. If you want something that you don’t want to over think and you want to film in the moment, TikTok could be great for you. The brands are there and they’re looking to see who is making great content. I love that you can repurpose content to instagram which also means less work if you do want to use the same content twice across multiple platforms. If I was just starting out and hadn’t yet started Instagram I think I would be really into the idea of TikTok. Like most social media platforms, the key to growth is to be consistent, experiment, get creative and notice what your audience engage with.

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